Miss indépendante








Peau créée par EGOZY à l’occasion de la Skin Fair 2015/ Skin designed by EGOZY for Skin Fair 2015


TUTYS La coiffure/The hair [ High Ponytail ] + modifications

SWALLOW Le collier /The necklace [ Necklace HeartWings ]

MILK MOTION Le Trench /The Trench coat [  fluid trench coat (red) Collabor88 ]

LADY.FAKESSI Le petit col roulé/The crop turtleneck top [ Turtleneck Crop  (Milk) Hipster Fair ]

DAMI La jupe/The skirt [ Spring is coming ]

CAMEO 6IXX Les cuissardes/The thigh high boots [ Peep Toe Thigh High Boot (Tan) Kustom9 ]

RICIELLI Le sac à main / The handbag [ The Birkin Bag (darkcyan) ]



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